DUI Car Insurance

We know so many inquiries popped up in your head. With 20 years of experience, we already helped a lot of vehicle drivers with the same trouble like yours. We know what it requires to fight on your behalf. We will do our best to get you no points on your drivers license and save you from license suspensions and insurance coverage increases.

We can assist you with the following traffic ticket violation:

  • Driving without License
  • Driving with a blood alcohol concentration (BAC)
  • Driving on a Revoked Driver’s License
  • Driving after Cancellation (DAC)
  • Driving Without Proof of Insurance
  • Driving Without Car Insurance
  • Driving after License has been suspended
  • Driving The Wrong Way On A Divided Highway
  • Cellphone Use while Driving
  • Caught Driving after License has been Cancelled
  • Disobeyed Traffic Control Device
  • Reckless Driving after an Injury-Causing Accident Ticket
  • Fail to Stop for School Bus
  • Tailgating / Following Too Closely Violation Ticket
  • Failure To Use Car Signals
  • Failure to Yield Accident Case Ticket
  • Failed to Pay a Traffic Fines Violation
  • Illegal Turn Ticket
  • Leaving the Scene Of an Accident With Property Damage
  • Excessive Speeding Ticket

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If you need a legal representative known for having great reputation, we are available to discuss. We understand that you do not know what to do anymore. We committed ourselves in securing you from unfavorable implications that could occur because of your traffic ticket offense. It is advisable to make an action immediately. Never wait for the next day to solve your issue. What are you waiting for? Call our number at (248) 907-0649 today!